Minutes of Greener Teign Annual General Meeting28th April  2016 at TVCH, Bowden Room

1.        Apologies from Tony Cook,  Alex Martin & Hugh Rose

2.        The minutes of last year’s AGM were approved and signed.

3.        The treasurer’s report was approved.

4.        Adrian Sargood, Mary Roddick and Shira Rub stood down and were re-elected as members of the steering group.

5.        Paul French gave a report on the activities undertaken during the year.  See below *

6.        AOB.  There was no other business.

*Greener Teign, 2015/16 Chairs report to the AGM, April 27th 2016

Your Steering Committee has worked on a large variety of issues this year. As always we are keen to hear from anyone who can join us and help organise/lead activities and projects.It is now 5 years since I was persuaded to become Chair of the SC. I am happy to continue if you want me but I do think Greener Teign would benefit if someone else stepped forward who had more time available. As most of you are aware I have significant other commitments within our community.

On your behalf I would like to thank all the committee members for their support (Adrian, Tony, Mike, Liz, Mary, Shira and our new link into Embercoombe, currently via Alex Martin and Hugh Rose); in particular, we should thank Adrian who has shouldered the vast majority of the workload, thank you.

In March 2015 we hosted a well-attended event at TVCH which gave the public the opportunity to asked each of the candidates standing in the GE (or their representative but no one was available from the Conservatives) to say how they would be try to influence their parties approach to the Paris Climate Summit. Each candidate made their pitch and there were general questions from the floor.

Last August we ran a stall at Christow show with non-digital children’s games as well as providing literature and information about local Climate related activities, in particular the Teign Valley Community Energy project. A month later we supported a musical evening at the Artichoke to launch the TVCE project.

In September it was great to hear an up-date from Simon Titherleigh at Trusham VH, our previous AGM speaker, on Fracking: a dead duck or golden goose. Simon was as amusing and controversial as ever and I just wish his presentation could be heard by our Government.

The main public event of the year was a multi-speaker debate on Farming systems and how to feed the world both sustainably and profitably, held at the Great Barn in Ashton, courtesy of John and Emma Birkin. Approximately 70 people heard views on technology approaches to food production from Dave Hughes of Syngenta, an organic alternative from Sam Hendersen of Whippletree Farm Bridford, and a practical mixed farming approach from Paul Tripp of Dunsford. I rounded up with some facts/figures and in-site from my 40 years in Ag Research, which is that no one growing system is right for all situations and that the strengths of each need to moulded together to provide the sustainable intensification of agriculture required to feed the world without bringing more new land into production.

Later in 2015 we had representatives attend the final day of the Climate talks in Paris, which I think can be viewed as relatively successful. We must all now push for the implementation and delivery of those fossil fuel reductions. Related to that several individuals lobbied Mel Stride about the unhelpful and large reductions planned (now made) to FIT payments. (By chance I met a Dept of Environment & Climate Change barrister who had been a negotiator in Paris, while we were on holiday this March in Madeira. We interesting over dinner conversation)

Early in 2016 representatives joined others at the Fossil Free demonstration at Country Hall aimed at promoting pension fund divestment from major energy companies.

Last month we had a joint stand with TVCE at Regen SW Smart Energy Marketplace.

We look forward to another busy and hopefully successful year.

The current steering group consists of

Paul French (Dunsford) Chairperson;  Shira Rub (Ashton) Secretary;  Mary Roddick (Christow) Minutes secretary;  Mike Rosenbloom (Christow);  Tony Cook (Christow);  Adrian Sargood (Christow) and Liz Stack (Trusham);  Alex Martin & Hugh Rose (co-opted from Embercombe).

We are more than happy to co-opt members with a particular interest of skill onto the group which meets every two or three months.

Greener Teign was formed at an open meeting on 30th July 2009.   It was decided that the group should become an unincorporated association.   A constitution was agreed with written objectives:

  • To undertake activities within the Teign Valley and its surroundings which reduce carbon emissions
  • To raise awareness of climate change, and the need to adapt to its effects, among the people of the Teign Valley and its surroundings
  • To lobby for action to reduce climate change.

Since its formation and in order to sustain its programme of events Greener Teign has been awarded  grants from Community Council of Devon,  Awards for All and Dartmoor Sustainable Development Fund.  It has participated in the Dartmoor and Exmoor Low Carbon Festival and had practical support from Teignbridge District Council and Embercombe.  It works closely with Dartmoor Circle, Bovey Climate Action,  Moretonhampstead Development Trust (MDT) and is an active member of SW Devon Community Energy Partnership.  Greener Teign facilitated the  partnership that Christow Community Land Trust is developing with MDT to investigate the viability of a Community Renewable Energy scheme.

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