Green Electricity

Thought about changing to a sustainable electricity supplier?

We have reviewed the options and recommend ECOTRICITY as our favourite green supplier. This is because:

Of all the electricity suppliers, they have the highest spend on investment in renewable electricity generation (£265 per customer p.a.).  Ecotricity operates a not-for-dividend model so all profits are invested in wind farms etc.

From 1st August 2013, 100% of its electricity is generated from renewables.  The UK average is 11.3% (2012/13).
Investment has been primarily in wind but ecotricity are now constructing their first solar PV farm and are building anerobic digesters for green gas.
There is no premium for being green – the tariff is lower than the local supplier, EDF.
Green gas is available as well, currently imported from Holland.
Whilst there are companies that supply 100% green electricity (Good Energy, Green Energy for example) they invest little or nothing in generation but buy in their electricity from others.

Ecotricity now have a dual-fuel tarrif which is lower than BG and it’s guaranteed to be using “frack-free” gas, as well as being entirely green.

They also have the lowest number of complaints per customer of any supplier which has to be good.  In addition they have electric car charging points in nearly all motorway service stations and are looking a developing wave power.

A bonus for Greener Teign is that we receive £20 for every household that switches to Ecotricity.

To switch, go to Ecotricity and click on the ‘switch’ link under the Greener Teign logo, bottom right, or call 08000 302 302 and quote Greener Teign.

Switching is easy and doesn’t cause supply problems.

2 thoughts on “Green Electricity”

  1. I endorse the comments by Mary in relation to Ecotricity.
    At the recent meeting held at the Community Hall in relation to various energy options for the future I volunteered to carry out some research into which suppliers would be good for our community in terms of their Green agenda and of course cost.
    I have not yet been able to give the full results of my findings and await a date for the next meeting (which everyone should attend if possible).
    However, there were a number of companies worth considering and certainly Ecotricity is one. As Mary points out the supplier provides a small amount back as a gesture.
    My advice would be to seriously consider changing to Ecotricity, you should save money and you’ll be doing your bit for a greener cleaner environment.
    While you are still online click on the link provided and check them out.

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