A Devon community group based in the Teign Valley dedicated to action on climate change

Why? – because the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere must be reduced to 350 parts per million to avoid catastrophic effects on life on the planet.

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Presentation, film, George Marshall’s How to Talk to A Climate Denier, and facilitated discussion 28.04.16


    We are currently backing the Campaign to Divest from fossil fuel companies

    Bill McKibben of 350.org makes a powerful case for something positive we can all do to help solve the climate crisis: follow and support the Divest movement which is already gathering momentum.

    Write/email/talk to those organisations which invest in fossil fuel companies especially those in which we have a direct interest (banks, pension funds, universities, the church) and argue they must divest from such companies. We have drafted a letter for students/ex students to send to their universities. Please use it. If enough us do it, it will make a difference.

    A Devon community group dedicated to action on climate change